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What brings you here?

Books, I’m sure.  That’s what a study is full of.  And isn’t it a delight that this one is full of solidly Reformed Bible study books?

By now it’s obvious why we chose The Study as our new name. Somehow Inter-League Publication Board just doesn’t convey the same understanding of what we do.  This, combined with the fact that there is now only one Canadian Reformed Bible study league in Ontario (the Women’s League), the name “Inter-League” no longer made sense.  It was time for a change.

That need for change was also reflected in the type of material we provide.  Many of our earlier works were translations of Dutch study material.  Today, our sources are primarily ministers from the Canadian and American Reformed Federation of Churches – no more translations.  As it becomes time to reprint one of these older books, we update the English, refresh the formatting, and ensure the book is still relevant.  Occasionally new books replace the older ones.  We hope to soon make these older books available as a free download for those who are still interested in using them as resources.

Some of our most recent books are also available for download.  These books are offered in ePub format, for convenient portability on your e-reader of choice.  We are slowly making more of our books electronically available.  So far, none of our Workbooks are in e-format.  These books are mainly a series of questions with room for the reader to write answers.  Would you be interested in seeing our Workbooks in ePub format?

Isn’t it a fabulous blessing how far we have come?  From translating books from Dutch and formatting them on manual typewriters, to publishing work by our own English-speaking ministers in electronic format?  God has been gracious.

And so we continue our work of publishing study books that aid in The Study of our Father’s holy Word.  May the work of our hands be a blessing to you.

The Study Team

Paul Posted August 25, 2017 at8:44 pm   Reply

Have you ever considered how to study the Bible? Simply put, we don’t need all kinds of highly educated people who know Greek and Latin. Although there may be difficult parts to understand, the Bible is all connected and helps explain itself. A study guide is also an excellent way for you to get the thought cells working and open up ideas that you may not have had. God made us with a need for purpose, and sometimes we need ‘purpose’ to make us do something. Being with a group of people who have the goal of Bible study in and of itself helps you to have purpose to Study God’s word and discuss it with others. God also made us with the need to study the Bible together as a group of believers. So get off the couch and join a Bible study group! Typically picking a Bible book is a healthy way to stay in tune with God’s way of thinking. When we take a topic and want the Bible to tell us about it, what perspective are we coming to the Bible with? Only through vast in-depth understanding of the chapter and book that we ‘extract’ a verse from can we get the best understanding of the verse, so do be careful when you start cherry picking the verses for your one topic.

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