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C.G. Bos

Rev. Bos (1909 – 1988) was a pioneer and church planter for the Reformed Churches of the Netherlands (liberated), and author of several writings. He completed his studies at the theological seminary of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands and then served various urban congregations in the Netherlands. His most creative period as minister was while pastoring congregations in the newly developed polders of the Netherlands between 1947-1957, and again from 1970-1975. In the polder he lived for a time in a houseboat and not only taught his catechism students, but also acted as their chauffeur, picking them up from their homes and returning them at the end of the lesson. In recognition of his contribution to the polder community, he was decorated with the Order of Oranje Nassau by the Queen on the occasion of his fiftieth year of ministry. He retired as minister of the Word from the congregation of Dronten in the Netherlands in 1975, but even in his retirement he continued to be active, serving a congregation in Pretoria, South Africa.

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