ISBN: 9780886660147

Call Upon Me

by: H. Westerink

This book deals with personal prayer and the practice of our prayer. It says much about the difficulties that arise in prayer and the blessings that go with it. Above all, we see in this book, through the numerous Scriptural texts, that God’s Word teaches us to pray. 17 chapters; no questions.


Books of H. Westerink

ISBN: 9780886660147
Publisher: The Study
Publish Date: 2008
Page Count: 146

Meet the Author

H. Westerink

Mr. Westerink has written with insight on such topics as faith and doubt, assurance of faith, and the meaning of baptism for the believer. Westerink, a retired educator in the Netherlands, who has been both a teacher and school administrator, has the ability to succinctly deal with difficult concepts and to convey simply the implications for the believer’s personal faith life.

“Call Upon Me”

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