ISBN: 9780886660635

Isaiah, The Redeemer is Coming – Outlines on Isaiah 40-66

by: H.P. Dam

In Isaiah 40-66, the prophet Isaiah proclaims a period of restoration and grace to the people of Judah after the exile. Rev. Dam explores the prophetic words of Isaiah and focuses on the fact that this restoration cannot be attained by human effort; it is as gift of God. The restorer/redeemer is the Servant of the LORD, the Lamb of God. 10 Outlines with thought provoking questions at the end of each.


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ISBN: 9780886660635
Publisher: The Study
Publish Date: 2005, reprint 2014
Page Count: 120

Meet the Author

H.P. Dam

Rev. Dam was born in 1958 and has been a minister within the federation of Reformed Churches in the Netherlands since 1984, after graduating from the seminary in Kampen, the Netherlands. He has served as minister in several congregations in the Netherlands and has published several outlines and study guides.

“Isaiah, The Redeemer is Coming – Outlines on Isaiah 40-66”

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