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None Like Thee

by: Cl. Stam

This book offers a meditative excursion into the prophecy given in the book of Micah. Originally published as a series of sermons, this book gives a lively and comprehensive look into the time of Micah, focusing on God’s message for today in this prophesy. Although it does not offer verse by verse explanation, None Like Thee gives the main theme and lines found in the book of Micah, and as such is a valuable study guide. 7 Outlines, no questions.


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ISBN: 0886660041
Publisher: The Study
Publish Date: 1998
Page Count: 89

Meet the Author

Cl. Stam

Rev. Stam studied theology at the Theologische Hogeschool in Kampen, the Netherlands. Since 1972 he has served various congregations in Canada and has published several books as well as contributing to the monthly magazine, Reformed Perspective.

“None Like Thee”

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