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Outlines on Esther

by: G. (Charlie) Wieske

These outlines clearly portray God’s active role in redemptive history, even in a Bible book in which his Name is never mentioned. The reader’s attention is also drawn, time and again, to the place God’s providence plays in the lives of his children. Rich in detail, this book is easy reading, and suitable for both personal and group Bible study. 8 outlines, each with questions.


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ISBN: 9780886660871
Publisher: The Study
Publish Date: 2013, reprint 2017
Page Count: 97


Digital (ePub), Paper

Meet the Author

G. (Charlie) Wieske

Rev. Wieske is an emeritus minister of the Spring Creek Canadian Reformed Church of Tintern, Ontario. He has served four churches in Alberta and Ontario during his ministry. He keeps active in his retirement by providing regular pulpit supply to churches both in Canada and Australia, which are seeking a minister. He previously published The Glorious Gospel of Grace: Sermons on the Heidelberg Catechism. He and his wife reside in Hamilton, Ontario when they are at home.

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Digital (ePub), Paper

“Outlines on Esther”

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