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ISBN: 9780886660734

Song of Songs: As Rich as a King

by: H. Ohmann

In this study on the Song of Songs, Professor Ohmann explores the historical reality in which the book was written, and clearly sets out the meaning of the book. He explains that the Song of Songs is a manual for those who will marry, and provides practical advice for parents. He clearly shows how the way is still open for young people today to marry in the LORD and so be “Rich as a King”. There are six chapters and no discussion questions.


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ISBN: 9780886660734
Publisher: The Study
Publish Date: 2006
Page Count: 101

Meet the Author

H. Ohmann

Professor Ohmann (1928 – 2006) served as professor of Old Testament studies at the Theological College of the Canadian Reformed Churches in Hamilton, Ontario (1971 – 1981), and the Theological University of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands (liberated) in Kampen, the Netherlands, from 1981 – 1983. As a scholar, he excelled at Eastern, Indian, and Iranian languages. He also served as pastor to two congregations in the Netherlands, prior to his appointment as professor. Professor Ohmann has written numerous books. He emphasized the importance of the historical reality in which each book of the Bible was written, and followed the Reformed tradition of redemptive-historical exegesis. Some of his books are biblical studies, while others are studies on various topics, such as the wrath of God and Creation.

“Song of Songs: As Rich as a King”

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