ISBN: 9780886660253

The Minor Prophets

by: P. Lok

All of the prophets from Hosea to Malachi are dealt with in this comprehensive book. In a clear manner, the author shows how God’s message to his people found expression in the words of individual men, underscoring God’s covenant blessings and his righteous wrath. Questions accompany each outline. Hosea (14 outlines), Joel (3 outlines), Amos (5 outlines), Obadiah (1 outline), Jonah (4 outlines), Micah (3 outlines, Nahum (1 outline), Habakkuk (1 outline), Zephaniah (1 outline), Haggai (1 outline), Zechariah (5 outline), Malachi (1 outline).


Books of P. Lok

ISBN: 9780886660253
Publisher: The Study
Publish Date: 1989, reprint 2015
Page Count: 238

Meet the Author

P. Lok

Rev. Lok (1919 – 1994) completed his studies at the seminary of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands, and started serving in the first of seven congregations in 1946. He has published numerous mediations, some of which were presented as radio broadcasts, and has written on a variety of social issues. Rev. Lok also contributed to the revision and development of the church federation’s liturgical church book.

“The Minor Prophets”

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