ISBN: 9780886660932

Romans – Light & Way into the Scriptures

by: I. VanderGaag

After a brief introduction, this workbook takes the Bible student on an in-depth exploration of the riches to be found in Paul’s Letter to the Romans. Questions drive you to explore points of doctrine (with frequent references to the Heidelberg Catechism, Canons of Dort, and Belgic Confession), and then to reflect on how these apply to your personal and church life. 21 Outlines with questions.


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ISBN: 9780886660932
Publisher: The Study
Publish Date: 2014
Page Count: 77

Meet the Author

I. VanderGaag

Ingrid VanderGaag currently resides in St. Albert, Alberta with her husband John and is a member of the Canadian Reformed Church there. They have four grown children and an increasing number of grandchildren. Ingrid was born and raised in Fergus, Ontario and has spent much of her life volunteering in various church organizations. She has served on the board of the League of the Women's Societies of the Canadian and American Reformed Churches, Horizon Magazine, and most recently, the Inter-League Publication Board.

“Romans – Light & Way into the Scriptures”

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