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ISBN: 9781594676918

You Only

by: P.G. Feenstra
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The topic is the Book of Amos. Amos is predominantly a sermon of admonition, warning and judgment. It also announces and alludes to a glorious future for the people of God in the Messiah. As a popular commentary, “You Only” conveys how God breaks down all forms of self-styled worship so that His children would lean on the saving work of Christ alone. There are 13 chapters with questions, as well as suggested psalms and readings. Published by Xulon Press.


Books of P.G. Feenstra

ISBN: 9781594676918
Publisher: Other
Publish Date: 2004
Page Count: 160

Meet the Author

P.G. Feenstra

Rev. Feenstra is a minister of the Canadian Reformed Church of Grand Valley, Ontario. He also served as minister of the Owen Sound Canadian Reformed Church for 15 years, and Emmanuel Canadian Reformed Church at Guelph for six years. He has written several commentaries and outlines.

“You Only”

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