Messiah - The Holy One of God

The Gospel According to Luke

  • Clarence Stam
  • 2014
  • 305 pages
  • $22.50
  • ePub $6.00

Book Description

THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE In this book written for group or personal study, Rev. Stam takes an in-depth look at how each chapter of Luke reveals that Christ truly was the Messiah, the Holy One of God. He provides insights into the time of Jesus and his conflict with the Teachers of the Law and includes practical insights in how the Gospel applies to us today. 24 chapters each with study questions.

About the Author

Rev. Stam studied theology at the Theologische Hogeschool in Kampen, the Netherlands. Since 1972 he has served various congregations in Canada and has published several books as well as contributing to the monthly magazine, Reformed Perspective.

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