Justified By Faith

Outlines on Romans

  • J. Francke
  • 2007 (2nd edition), reprint 2014
  • 305 pages
  • $20.00

Book Description

This verse by verse commentary offers excellent study material on Paul’s letter to the Romans. Rev. Francke writes that Paul composed an “extensive, profound, and balanced exposition of the gospel” which was of importance to all Gentile-Christian churches of that time, and is also of immense value for all Christians today. 29 Outlines, no questions.

About the Author

Rev. Francke (1908 – 1990) studied for the ministry at a later age, at the Free University of Amsterdam. As a theological student, he also studied the philosophy of Vollenhoven and Dooyeweerd. He was considered to be an independent thinker in the theological field of his time. He began his ministry in 1942 in the Gereformeerde Kerk at Hoek. He became a prominent figure in the Liberation of the Reformed Churches in 1944. He then served at Rotterdam-Delfshaven. During this time he was instrumental in the establishment of the GPV (Reformed Political Party) and the GMV (Society of Reformed Social-Economic Relations). His retirement years were spent in Emmen, where he was active with study, writing, and preaching until 1988. He authored several books.

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