Stand Fast in the True Grace of God

Outlines on the Epistles of Peter

  • J. Smelik
  • 2011
  • 79 pages
  • $10

Book Description

In these 12 outlines, Rev. Smelik provides a verse-by-verse treatment of 1 and 2 Peter. He shows that both letters seek to encourage the faithful to keep their hope in the Lord, in the face of a painful reality (1 Peter) and against tempting false teachings (2 Peter). Each outline has questions.

About the Author

Jan Smelik (1899-1960) was a graduate of the seminary of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands in Kampen. He served as a minister within the federation of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands and ministered to four congregations. He had a love for teaching adolescents and it was always his goal to convey in a clear manner the depth and riches of the Gospel to his audience. He contributed to a series of books paraphrasing the Bible and numerous of his sermons were published during his lifetime. Smelik also published several study guides and outlines, most notably on Ephesians and Peter.

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